Poppy Jean Crawford Purges the Weariness of Tired Narratives on “Same Old Tricks”

Poppy Jean Crawford, image courtesy the artist

The steady pace of Poppy Jean Crawford’s “Same Old Tricks” with the initial winsome vocals almost make you think you’re in for a solid indie pop song. But as the song progresses one gets the impression that the singer is tapping into some of the dark spaces of the mind that old blues singers used to go to in evoking a weariness at finding the same patterns of abuse, from self and others, and returning to those situations and encountering the same lines with different wording and wondering when, if ever, the narrative is going to change on the part of anyone involved. Which is a more nuanced take than pointing the finger. The steady and simple guitar figure gives way to blown out psychedelia, comes back down and blossoms again as Crawford’s vocals nearly crack from the strain of emotion flowing through her taut performance. Apparently Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre helped Crawford to hone in on the sonics of the single so we can look forward to hearing more emotionally charged tracks from the songwriter soon. Listen to “Same Old Tricks” on Soundcloud.

Author: simianthinker

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