“Commonplace” by tummyache is the Soundtrack to Losing Your Sense of Self and Place and Ultimately Your Composure

tummyache, photo courtesy the artist

Something about the expert blend of the electronic and the analog and the natural sounds and the subtle production on tummyache’s new single “Commonplace” that help to highlight the experience of the conflicting emotions and confusion in sorting out the way life doesn’t give us signposts or a manual to the inherent meaning of it all. In part of the song Soren Bryce sings about how getting her name on her birthday was the first thing that belonged to her and that speaks directly to how one’s mooring in one’s own life can be that tenuous that’s its the one tenuous connection to your identity of which you can be fairly certain. As the song progresses it escalates into noisier, swirling chaos and frustrated screaming before ending with an abrupt fade. One gets the feeling from the song that part of having meaning in life is to feel special and not commonplace and part of that is having an identity and knowing your place in things, or at least a sense of such. As grow into adulthood the social boundaries become less distinct and our connections to people perhaps less firm and so we impose rituals to reconstruct these grounding associations even if they don’t make sense until we can no longer lie to ourselves and we begin to ask who we really are if we haven’t spent a good deal of our lives building that. And even if you do there will probably come a time when you realize it’s all coming apart and your sense of meaning in life erodes as well. This song captures being there in the moment of crisis from the initial sense that something is off to the psychic cacophony that comes from losing your sense of self and place. Listen to “Commonplace” on Soundcloud and follow tummyache on her YouTube channel linked below.


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