Wolf & Moon’s “Situations” Encourages Us to Have Faith In Ourselves and Our Lives in Moments When We Feel Stagnant

Wolf & Moon, photo courtesy the artists

On their new single “Situations” Wolf & Moon seem to sing to us or to themselves a song of hope and encouragement. The trading vocal leads and harmonies give the song an almost informal dynamic that gives it an emotional momentum that the songwriters seem to want to project to the listener to achieve their hopes and dreams despite whatever situation we may find ourselves in by imagining an opportunity for us to take out of a feeling of stasis and stagnation. The accented bass line that grounds the song and gives it a steady but upbeat quality is the fulcrum of that momentum, the consistent presence that drives the song forward. We’ve all been in a place in our lives where everything feels like you can’t catch a break and you get stuck and we need something to happen that we couldn’t have predicted which Wolf & The Moon articulate with the final full line, “You’re going to make an impossible move out of this situation.” The song and its spare, spacious melody, encourages the listener to have some faith in forces in your own mind and in your life that operate beyond your conscious thinking and to accept that unexpected inspiration and chance when it comes. Listen to “Situations” on Soundcloud and follow Wolf & Moon at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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