Cubgod and KingPup Take Us on a Short, Free Verse Time Travel Trip on Miniature Darkwave Hip-Hop Opus “Little Butt”

Cubgod and KingPup, image courtesy the artists

In some near future Cubgod and KingPup’s song “Little Butt” is a classic of not just IDM/Industrial-inflected hip-hop but of free verse cultural reference poetry. The opening line sounds like a a sample coming to us from the past via a time traveler recording a secret message made on a 78 record, grainy, mysterious and initially seeming sinister but ultimately a surreal swagger delivered in a way that subverts the aggression. Something like Danny Brown gone not cyberpunk but steampunk. The lyrics extol the virtues of everyday joys like you would hope for at a minimum in a good hip-hop song but the wordplay is so well structured and evocative, so vivid in its imagery, so poignant in its crafting of emotional memories that it’s almost easy to miss how in just over three minutes the duo has taken us deep into a slice of life that weaves together the painful experiences of childhood as overlapped with resonances with adulthood and the oppression many of us experience in another form and how we manage to get a little fun out of life with the thrill of exorcising some of that angst through a creative outlet that embodies and honors those experiences and thus releasing some of that tension. And on “Little Butt” Cubgod and KingPup do so with a playful creativity with a beat that is not simply the sampling of a tried and tested aesthetic, rather, a collage of sounds that serve as a direct analogue of the internal emotional experience of a dystopian present projected onto the future in order to escape it. Maybe that’s overthinking a simple song but the unpacking its complexity and sophistication is a rewarding endeavor. Listen to “Little Butt” on Soundcloud and follow Cubgod further there as well.

Author: simianthinker

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