Stand Up And Say No Rejects the Nihilism of Self-Involved Defeatism in the Face of Modern Fascism on “Daily Reminders”

Stand Up And Say No, photo courtesy the artist

Stand Up And Say No’s Andre Nault takes an interesting approach to world events on “Daily Reminders.” Rather than directly prescribing solutions, he asks questions of himself, of others and the world. He gives voice to a natural impulse to need to shield oneself from the seemingly endless barrage of bad news and overwhelming developments of late and not be subjected to the ruthless scrutiny that seems to have been projected at everyone in public life of late. He implores, albeit it offhandedly, to “ let me know when it’s over” and asking “Does it really work out? Can the good guys win?” The latter because seemingly anywhere and everywhere the forces of authoritarianism generally, fascism in particular, have seized the reigns of power and poisoned civil society. And yet, in his questioning, Nault suggests we have the power to turn back that tide if we’re willing to make the effort and not simply surrender to the type of despair and nihilism born of being overwhelmed by the wave of nonsense but that maybe we can take a break from taking it all in so that we can more ably stand against the erosion of our own quality of life and be part of a ripple effect that will ensure a better, or at least a slightly more fulfilling future. Cast in scintillating synth melodies, fluid yet angular bass lines and vocals that sound both disaffected and defiant, “Daily Reminders” is the sound of a songwriter who has found his voice again with more conviction behind it minus the unrealistic expectations of youth. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Stand Up And Say No at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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