Maren Hill Flips the Script on Self-Sabotage in Her Jazzy New Single “Reset”

Maren Hill, photo courtesy the artist

“Reset” finds Maren Hill setting a scene for us, one that she has known well, one to which she hopes to never return. And that is a place in your head when you’re in a cycle of reliving self-sabotaging scripts born of narratives of unproductive self-criticism and second guessing and the habits that reinforce that circuit of behavior until you discover that it is possible to break that chain when you can say to yourself about those habits, by externalizing them as a kind of character in your life and leaving them, “you’re no good for me.” The swell of horns and and percussion reflect that struggle with the overwhelming sounds clashing in your brain until they subside with Hill singing the outro, “Never going back.” The song never fully goes to some dire place musically while expressing those places so eloquently showcasing how Hill deftly points out to herself and others that these seemingly insurmountable self-stumbling blocks are in fact not so difficult to overcome if you keep trying and remain in better practices to replace your bad habits. Listen to Hill’s richly jazz-inflected R&B song “Reset” on YouTube. Fans of Amy Winehouse will find much to like with Hill’s vocal flair and attitude.

Author: simianthinker

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