Ay Wing’s “Fortunes” Finds Its Dark Journey of the Heart Manifested in the Fascinating New Music Video

Ay Wing, photo courtesy the artist

The bluesy guitar and the pulsing synth with Ay Wing’s smoldering vocals over the top give the video for “Fortunes” its grounding in the beginning when it looks as though the band is performing on a floating platform in the dark, slowly approaching. But it becomes clear there is some light reflected on water that might have been the energy field holding some kind of UFO technology platform aloft. The effect is initially somewhat like one of those early 80s music videos where the limitations of video effects resulted in a mysterious, disconnected quality while the music, warm and dynamic, provided the emotional connection. Apparently this video was recorded in Lake Seelisberg in the Swiss mountains timed for when the night transitioned to day. The symbolism is perhaps layered as the song is about modern relationships and the inevitability of someone getting hurt and coming out the other side of of that time through the reflections on the good and the rough times into better times. Watch the visually fascinating video on YouTube and follow Ay Wing at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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