WRENN’s “Psychosexual” is a Poignant,Gritty Pop Song About the Yearning for Authentic Experiences

WRENN, “Psychosexual” cover (cropped)

WRENN’s single “Psychosexual” will get all kinds of comparisons to 90s artists that came out of alternative rock and modern artists who have drawn on that realm of music for inspiration. But WRENN’s clear, melodic vocals alongside bouncy rhythms and guitars both fuzzy and swirly will remind connoisseurs of 90s alternative rock of the likes of Hammerbox and Medicine. Not as weird or as experimental as the latter and not rooted in jangle-y 80s college rock as the former, WRENN fortunately, isn’t really following the musical path of either, it’s just the same willingness to blend diverse musical interests into the songwriting rather than try to fit in within a specific, already established musical niche. The lyrics speak to the vagaries of modern relationships and how so many of our mediated experiences and ways of interacting with the world might be complicating our lives in historic ways and warping our sense of what’s authentic even though we need authentic experiences with authentic people for life to feel like it has any essential meaning. Listen to “Psychosexual” on Soundcloud and follow WRENN at the links below.


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