“Southern Hospitality” is Coldway’s Hip-Hop Cruise Through Memphis Looking For the Song’s Namesake in Spirit and in Kind

Coldway, photo courtesy the artist

“Southern Hospitality” depicts the thoughts and the sounds of cruising through Memphis as told by Coldway. The Tennessee city known for being a little on the gritty side but one that has produced some of the country’s most hungry and vital musical artists. Coldway displays a demanding swagger that challenges the city’s rep for both inspiring a determination born of a challenging social environment and the kind of Southern hospitality that is supposed to be a virtue and can often manifest in unusual ways. Coldway demands that warmth and regard on its face as if to say, “If this isn’t a joke then how about some of that generosity and kindness you pride yourselves on.” While driving through town musing on these concepts a beat reminiscent of 70s R&B like Delfonics, Curtis Mayfield or mellower Gamble and Huff track runs through. The metaphor of “southern hospitality” works as both code for sexual favors and being made to feel welcome in a town that may not be your own unfolds with a steady stream of clever wordplay and a story commenting on everyday desires and observations with the drive symbolizing not just a slice of life but the southern urban black experience not romanticized but expressed with an easy going swagger. Listen to “Southern Hospitality” on Spotify and follow Coldway at the links below.


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