“Eye On the Ocean” by Downtempo Artist Castle1 is Like a Zen Epiphany

Castle1, image courtesy the artist

The sound of distant conversation and equally distant saxophone float in the minimal beat and synth drone like the haze of an underground speakeasy. Or you’re standing on the deck of a cruise ship alone at night as the boat hits a mild bank of fog with the sounds of other human activity indistinct but oddly comforting so that you know you can’t quite let your imagination let you fantasize for a moment about being on ghost ship. As you stand there and take in the vision of the light fog floating past the ship and over the ocean it strikes you that this is as close as you’re going to get from the hustle and bustle of everyday life because there’s nowhere to go to distract yourself from contemplating what it’s all about. But you come to no real conclusions because you don’t have to solve the world’s problems, as if you could do that alone anyway, and you didn’t arrange to go on this vacation to focus on the demands of your life like you normally would. So you accept that these neurotic impulses can be put to rest and you can come to just accept that having the luxury of taking in the view and taking on its tranquility is as perfect a moment as you’ll get, a Zen epiphany. We’ve been talking about UK downtempo project Castle1’s track “Eye On The Ocean” which you can listen to on Soundcloud and follow Castle1 at any of the links below. The new EP from which “Eye On The Ocean” is taken was released on Bandcamp and Soundcloud as a free download.


Author: simianthinker

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