Dr. LaFlow Has Distilled the Essence of Staying Focused on the Late Night Grind While Looking to the Future Into His Surreal Track “Speed And Chaos”

Dr. LaFlow, “Speed And Chaos Cover” (cropped)

“Speed And Chaos” sounds like Dr. LaFlow practiced for composing the track by having a few computers listening to different internet radio stations and took note of whatever sounded interesting and fit an overarching theme he had in mind and later dreamed up a rap to fit the resultant sonic puzzle pieces he had assembled. Apparently he came up with the lyrics while restocking the cooler during his gravyard shift at CVS. Which is how a lot of great creative ideas come together—while we let or imaginations roam as we do mundane work at mundane jobs rather than focus on a task that takes so little of our focus. Dr. LaFlow came up with some choice surreal one-liners like “Smoke so loud I woke the neighbors,” “Popeye’s over Colonel Sanders,” and “No days off until I’m faded” and arranged them in stream of consciousness style in a song with a sample that sounds like something from a Betty Boop cartoon and somehow it all makes sense. Like you need to keep your mind working the nights and it takes whatever can stimulate it in the moment because it sure isn’t the canned music or the fluorescent lights and not often enough the scintillating late night conversation of your co-workers. This song is so relatable in its lines about staying motivated and thinking about what the money from this work will get you in order to be where you want to rather than get stuck in the drudgery of the moment. Working late nights is a completely different vibe and energy from the daytime world and Dr. LaFlow has captured that in the mood and pace of “Speed And Chaos.” You go into work when it’s dark, you come out when it’s light, it disorients your perspective, you go in when the world is working at a slow pace and coming out of work when it’s ramping up or up to full speed. It stretches your psyche and forces it to work in various modes and to adapt in ways that not everyone will ever know. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Dr. LaFlow at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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