Jon Ives’ Cinematic Track “Between The Times” is the Soundtrack to the Denouement of a Chapter of Your Life

Jon Ives, photo courtesy the artist

Jon Ives has said that “Between The Times” feels to him like the end credits of a movie or video game. And the way the song evolves and resolves feels like the conclusion of something for certain. Especially when the gently swirling synths come in, sweeping into the song like cool ocean breeze, clearing out the unresolved issues and bringing a clarity to the next section of the song that sounds more certain than the reflective tone of the first third of the song. The tonal pitch on the synth in the final third of the song used more sparingly earlier puts you in a frame of mind of concluding your current life’s adventure, to accepting closure of feelings you were processing maybe for years but which seem clear to you know and ready to put to rest. It is a song that welcomes you to where you’ve been wanting to end up but where your conscious mind was blocking you from accepting until now. Listen to “Between The Times” on Spotify and follow Jon Ives at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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