Alicia Enstrom Invites Us to Step Out of Our Everyday Contexts to Look at Our True Selves on “Half Moon”

Alicia Enstrom, photo courtesy the artist

Plucked violin and mysterious vocals that arrive with a brief melodic fanfare open Alicia Enstrom’s “Half Moon” letting us know we’re entering otherworldly territory. Enstrom’s compositional structure is unusual in that she dispenses with the verse chorus verse structure of a pop song entirely especially in the middle of the song where the sonic fog effervesces and her voice wanders through luminous white noise and abstract, melodic tones, enshrouded by rising, crystalline notes as though shedding the expectation of everyday, mundane reality and lifting off to her own psychological space and not defined by convention and she takes us, the listener, along on that journey and invites us on one of our own showing how its not so very difficult to step out of the contexts that have hemmed you in and shaped your psychology in ways maybe you don’t fully understand until you step away from the world you think you know for a moment and can see yourself for who you are. The song is part of Enstrom’s Monstrosity EP due out September 6, 2019. Listen to “Half Moon” and watch the video on YouTube and follow Alicia Enstrom on her Spotify account.

Author: simianthinker

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