Pencey Sloe’s “All OK” is a Song About Living Life Without Unnecessary Filters

Pencey Sloe, photo courtesy the artists

Benjamin Berzerker’s video for Pencey Sloe’s “All OK” reflects the enigmatic quality of the band’s twin melodies, one bright and ethereal, the other textured and gritty. The image of the red cloth around the man’s head like a rose-colored shroud is more original than merely saying someone is living with their head in the clouds but that the filter can be removed if you really want it to and that if you walk out of your usual contexts and take on the world on its own terms it will, indeed, be OK. The soaring dynamic of the song recurving in on itself as the percussion moves forward in a steady procession while warm yet ghostly vocals all but whisper the narrative of stasis and liberation from your internal oppressor set this song and band apart from the crowd of neo-shoegazers of the past decade and a half. Watch the Berzerker video below and follow Pencey Sloe on Bandcamp where the group will release its debut album Don’t Believe, Watch Out on September 27.

Author: simianthinker

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