“Close To You” by Felines Draws You Into Its Embrace With Melancholic and Emotionally Refined Tones

Felines, photo courtesy the artists

With a sinuous bass line, breathy vocals and hanging guitar chords, Felines’ “Close To You” creates a dreamlike soundscape reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s “JC,” the song about Joe Cole. But the shimmer of of synths comes in to give a sense of the otherworldly mixed in with a wistful hazy quality that gives a different sort of emotional coloring to a song with a nostalgic undertone. When the vocals, the bass, guitar and drums pull apart ever so slightly it opens the song up in a way that allows it to hit your ears at a pleasantly slightly off angle while easing off the established dynamic and seeming to switch the momentum of the song fluidly. “Close To You” is bittersweet and melancholic in its romantic undertones with a spare musical complexity worthy of its refined emotional sensibility. The Copenhagen-based band will soon release its first EP Saying It Twice Makes It Real through Crunchy Frog and Burger Records. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Felines at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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