Krept & Konan’s remix of “I Spy” is a Community Dis Track of the Fools Amongst Us

Krept & Konan, photo courtesy the artists

“I Spy” by Krept & Konan, the remix including Bugzy Malone, SL, Morrison, Abra Cadabra, RV and Snap Capone anyway, is like a community dis on the do nothing “fuckboys” of the world who try their level, well not best because let’s be real that’s not happening, minimal effort to bring things down. Whether that’s with careerist climbing, turning their backs on the community in pursuit of performative dignity through phony association with celebrity and wealth. The hard beat coupled with the finely sculpted sidechain ducking gives the track a playful quality but one that reflects the amusement at the foolishness being called out. It’s a song with the fascinating contrasts and commentary on social reality that we’ve come to expect from Krept & Konan. Watch the video for the “I Spy” remix and follow Krept & Konan at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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