Drawing on the Surreal Late Night Convenience Store Vibe, Durgi’s “Gas Station” is a Prime Dose of Jazzy Hypnagogic Pop

Durgi, Cam Girl cover (cropped)

“Gas Station” sounds like something written and conceived by someone who has worked lots of overnight shifts at the titular business on the edge of town while working on their Literature and Music Composition degrees by day. The dead hours of boredom when you can’t read anymore post-modernist literature and you’ve listened to Wowee Zowee, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea and Worn Copy back to back all night so you work on songs with arrangements that would stimulate your own brain only to find out, after you’ve stopped working nights and your mind is back to working like normal that your songs were like some late night jazz lounge indie/hypnagogic pop psychedelia and that your song “Gas Station” was like an awkward yet appealingly earnest love poem. Maybe that has nothing at all to do with how Durgi came to write the song but its unconventional melodies and decidedly eccentric and non-standard dynamics and rhythms were certainly birthed from a perspective familiar with the derangements of mind many of us undertake to get through life as a filter on our already established weirdodom. At the end of the song you may ask yourself “What did I just listen to?” And then find yourself listening again and again to appreciate the wealth of details and the places Durgi takes you emotionally and artistically. Listen to “Gas Station” on Spotify and follow the band at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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