Sulene’s “Diamond” is a Song For Anyone Who Realizes They’ve Outgrown Their Past

Sulene_ BaoNgo
Sulene, photo by Bao Ngo

It’s the little biographical details that Sulene puts into her song “Diamond” that really sets it apart from so many indie synth pop songs. The hook and the breezy chorus are what keeps the momentum going and the tasty and fluid bass line at the song’s outro. But Sulene knows how to set a scene as early in the song when she speaks of drinking whiskey in the August heat and hanging out on the fire escape. Dancing in Brooklyn and grinding her teeth and how friends move on, talking about LCD (presumably Soundsystem) – these are the sorts of memories that can tie you to a time in your life and a situation that you’ve outgrown and as Sulene sings in the chorus about being a diamond in the rough she’s ready to let go of the life and some of the attachments she once had for the next step in her life’s journey. Listen to “Diamond” on Soundcloud and follow Sulene at the links provided.

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