Mateo Paz’s Remix of M0narch’s “654” Takes Us On Journey Through Snow Terrain Under Moonlight

The Best of COOD cover, cropped

This version of “654” is a remix Mateo Paz did for M0narch’s original in October 2018 and is now available on the COOD Music compilation The Best of COOD. It has the structure and mood of progressive trance which tells you little except that the percussion is soft and moves forward with a mechanical precision with the smallest changes evolving over time and that the melodies over the top are ethereal and instilling a chill mood. But this song is reminiscent of late 70s and early 80s Tangerine Dream in suggesting a cinematic counterpart to the music. Something composed as a companion to an emotional journey. The lightly distorted synths speak of passing through snowy terrain under moonlight contemplating an uncertain future but feeling comfortable with the choice to pursue it. Listen to “654” on Soundcloud and look to the links below to purchase The Best of COOD, to follow Mateo Paz and to further explore the COOD catalog and the labels future releases.

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