Emiji’s “Ambient Trip” Iteration of “Mystical Thoughts” is Like a Cleansing Stream of Tranquil Waters

Emiji “Mystical Thoughts (Ambient Trip)” cover (cropped)

This “Ambient Trip” iteration of Emiji’s song “Mystical Thoughts” reflects is reflected in the various permutations of the cover art to give a different cast and emphasis on a theme. The geometric artwork suggests Emiji hears the mathematical roots of the sounds and their connection to one another and their relationships and put the track together with the organic flow in mind the way one might model weather systems, the way Ryoji Ikeda has mapped out generative sound that seems to follow no formal logic but whose vectors are explicable through mathematical modeling and representation with a visual component. But without knowing any of this, Emiji’s song can be enjoyed as a blissful, slow moving cascade of soothing sound that flows over your conscience like a tranquil water, cleansing the mind of anxious thoughts. Listen to “Mystical Thoughts (Ambient Trip)” on Soundcloud and follow Emiji at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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