Doomed Romance Never Sounded so Sweet or as Hopeful as on Stevie Zita’s “Anastasia.”

Stevie Zita, “Anastasia” cover (cropped)

Stevie Zita strikes an adroit balance between the sardonically amused but not jaded, resigned acceptance and hopefulness on “Anastasia.” It’s a song about a troubled girlfriend who seems unaware of her own worth and potential and self medicates with the 80s drug of choice—cocaine. Of course that’s one substance that has come back into popularity with a vengeance in this era of being pushed to do and be more and to go, go, go at a bare minimum at a pace that will burn out any normal human eventually. The tone of the song is a tacit acknowledgment of letting go that demented way of being. This song captures the mixed emotions and the perhaps doomed romance in the musical parlance of the glam and dream pop end of post-punk. It’s lush and gentle melody almost makes it seem possible that the subject of Zita’s song will indeed discover a way back home to stay after all. That Zita named the song “Anastasia” which means “She who is reborn” suggests that potential not just of Anastasia’s inherent potential as a human but her potential to recreate her life on a healthier basis. Listen to the track on Soundcloud and follow Stevie Zita at the link on the same website below.

Author: simianthinker

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