With Her Song “Red Dust” Kodey Brims Says That Navigating Life With Deep Uncertainty is Not Only Possible But Often Necessary

Kodey Brims, photo courtesy the artist

Kodey Brims seems to use a reverse chord progression to start off her song “Red Dust” before it shifts into a more conventional progression and it serves to give the sense of yearning and seeking of meaning a sense of being outside normal time. The mixture of atmospheres and earthy instrumentals also gives the song a dynamic contrast that allows Brims’ vocals to shine with a wide-ranging soulfulness that feels like Brims is giving up the process of fully figuring out what her life is about and where it’s going to intuition and forces beyond her control as opposed to the folly of thinking you have everything under control. It could be a melancholic song but it comes off as one of trust and hope in the process and the journey more so than a plan that won’t survive contact with realities and events you do not yet know you will encounter. It’s a song about recognizing the tentative nature of our life’s path more than we often care to admit and also about embracing the positive changes that come along as well. Listen to “Red Dust” on Soundcloud and follow Brims at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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