Typewriter’s Impressionistic Dreamscape of “Kalemegdan” is a Fusion of Synth Pop and Experimental Dance Track

Typewriter, “Kalemegdan” cover (cropped)

With “Kalemegdan,” Typewriter takes the language and sonic palette of current EDM and left field dance music generally to create a soundscape with saturated atmospheres and lush orchestration. As the track evolves it fuses a stretched pop melody and introspective moods to create an extended reflective moment like watching a section of a dream spool out behind you in slow motion for you to take in impressionistically and in vivid momentary details of peak significance as motes of memory and emotional attachments swirl about you to give context to the way your subconscious mind reveals to you and important bit of information, perhaps even a lesson, that cannot be conveyed with mere language. The song operates on that sort of dream logic as familiar elements of song are used in ways they often aren’t. To call it a dance track or a simply electronic pop song would miss the point of the way Typewriter is aiming for a synthesis of the two and more. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Typerwriter at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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