Chris Child & Micah Frank Evoke a Sense of Ancient Civilization and Technology on Ambient Drone Track “Peering At Dawn”

Chris Child & Micah Frank, photo courtesy the artists

“Peering At Dawn” sounds like what might happen if some artificial intelligence from Puma Punku or Göbekli Tepe had somehow made its way to the northeast of the modern United States tasked with creating theme music for the local environment only to be discovered by local explorers in the grotto where this artifact was hidden for millennia and documented its creations to sample through analog synths and old tape machines that occasionally warped the source recordings. It’s that enigmatic and seemingly out of step with standard reality. The same could be said for songs by Boards of Canada and Seefeel where alternate realities seem to blend and put the sounds out of time in their music. It’s reminiscent of weirdo, tripped out library music and thus the sense of having come from another time and place before the modern era but difficult to accurately place with its mixture of blurred tones and the background sound like generative sound replicating the sense of phosphenes. The song hails from Chris Child & Micah Frank’s forthcoming release Tape Loops Vol. 1 due out on 8/23 through Foil Imprints. For now, though, listen to “Peering At Dawn” on Soundcloud and follow Chris Child & Micah Frank at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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