“Le Canto” by ALM and Featuring Sofree and Luzmira Zerpa is a Theme Song For a Science Fiction/Magic Realist Thriller as Yet Unmade

ALM featuring Sofree and Luzmira Zerpa “Le Canto” cover (cropped)

“Le Canto,” the ALM track featuring Sofree and Lizmira Zerpa masterfully combines modern electronic dance music with Latin pop for a song that sounds like music from a science fiction movie made as a collaboration between Pedro Almodóvar and Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez. It begins with a sense of mystery and takes us into the thick of a story rich in romance and intrigue with strong female characters and the impression that local mythology and culture and technology are not so distinctly separated. The dynamic dub bass serves as an interest contrast and compliment to the organic, Latin rhythms and vocals and lending a dimensionality and depth to the track worthy of the imagery and ideas it inspires. Listen on Soundcloud and follow ALM at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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