The Acoustic Version of Party Favor’s “Be OK” Featuring EZI is an Unvarnished Declaration of the Need for Internal Peace and Acceptance

Party Favor, photo courtesy the artist

Party Favor released stylistically eclectic album Layers in April 2019 and recently issued the music video for an acoustic version of “Be OK.” The original was accompanied by trap and future bass beats but the acoustic version truly highlights collaborator EZI’s emotionally vulnerable vocals. It’s a treatment that suits a song that speaks to a sense of overstimulation and emotional exhaustion. And to being in a place where you don’t want extremes of feeling, but an easily sustainable place of being OK, or in another way, in a state you find acceptable with no complaints. It’s the ultimate state to be if you listen to a lot of Lou Reed and his songwriting for The Velvet Underground because it’s something that is often easily achievable or the best one can hope for in troubled times because it means you’re no longer at the bottom end of your life. It’s not about settling but finding internal peace and personal equilibrium. Watch the video below and follow Party Favor at any of the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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