AxMod Pays Tribute to Northern Disco Idol Todd Terje on “Bounce 808”

AxMod “Bounce 808” cover (cropped)

AxMod pays tribute to Norwegian nu-disco star Todd Terje on “Bounce 808.” Referencing the classic drum machine, the Roland TR-808, that has been a staple of house music and hip-hop since the 80s the song is simple in its beats but that aspect of the composition allows the other elements to shine more as the track evolves from a basic melodic synth line into expansive arpeggios and bubbling flourishes of tone. AxMod brings in synth swells as an element to indicate urgency and give the song some momentum with tones while ever so slightly bringing up the BPMs before tastefully bringing things back without an abrupt drop as happens all too often in electronic music. The orchestration of elements is what is most impressive with the song as AxMod employs atmosphere, texture, dynamics, rhythm and melody to craft a song that works as a not so minimal synth tune and as a dance track. Listen to “Bounce 808” on Soundcloud and follow AxMod at the links below.

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