Dudley Benson’s “Matariki” and its Music Video Embodies the Concept of the Maori New Year, Staying Connected With Our Ancestors and Transcending Petty Attachments

Dudley Benson, photo courtesy the artist

Dudley Benson’s contemplative “Matariki” is named after the time of the year in the southern hemisphere when the constellation Pleides appears in the midwinter sky and signaling the Maori New Year. It is a time to think back on those who have passed on with the star formation as a conduit to communicate with them much. Benson’s melody is low key and almost functions as a piece of theater like a song written for a section of a charmingly eccentric musical about the presence of the spirits our loved ones who have died remaining in our consciousness long after they have left corporeal form. Benson takes the implication of these cosmic patterns to another level into blissed out sections of song and with the help of illustrator Emile Holmewood for the music video. Benson communicates how these things we imbue with so much essential meaning aren’t as significant in the grand scheme of things as we often imagine them to be. Heady stuff but with this way of manifesting the song is imaginative rather than pretentious. Watch the video below and follow Benson at the link provided.


Author: simianthinker

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