Calcedon’s new single and video “Ice in the Desert” is a View Into the Hubris of Humanity’s Presumptions About its Ability to Adapt to Anything

Canadian singer Calcedon’s new single “Ice in the Desert” is an ethereal meditation on what the future may hold for our species if current climate trends continue. The music video above is a harrowing, all-too-near future science fiction themed scenario set after the collapse of world civilization in the wake of dramatic climate change. It’s a peculiarly human hubris to think we can make the technology to solve all our problems and our ability to adapt to any and all change and that failure to do so is somehow a more failing as well. But, in fact, there are forces beyond our control at play all the time and we as humans often fail at dealing with our problems that seem obvious when other considerations take precedence like temporary benefits in the way of profit, national politics, ego and loyalty to outmoded ideas and ideals. The gently soaring melodies and billowing dynamic of the song, though, suggest not judgment so much as compassion for human folly but one informed by a firm knowledge that “thoughts and prayers” and “good intentions” won’t be enough to stave off our extinction. Rather that we must take action while also not forgetting the nurturing and benevolent side of our collective humanity. Fans of Zola Jesus and the more dreamy side of Myrkur will appreciate Calcedon’s use if vocal tonality and atmosphere to convey powerful emotions.  follow Calcedon at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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