Sal Dulu’s Single “Tyko” is The Expression of Pure Feeling and the Ghosts of Pleasant Memories in song

Sal Dulu “Tyko” cover (cropped)

On “Tyko” Sal Dulu demonstrates how one can take familiar and established musical ideas and transform them into something fresh and stirring to the imagination. Structurally and sonically saunters into your brain like a downtempo track with the lush atmospheres, introspective soundscapes and a sense of depth. The bright synth shimmer that cycles in an out is like a reminder that the real world awaits your return from this trip into dreamlike reverie. The vocals are used as a sampled mantra more than conscious wording. At times the song is reminiscent of Moby’s most blissed out moments, at others like a mid-90s trip hop act going fully abstract and expressing pure feeling and the ghosts of pleasant memories in sound. Listen to “Tyko” on Soundcloud and follow Sal Dulu at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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