“Up Comes the Tunnel” is Sun Blood Stories’ Harrowing Meditation on the Inevitability of Our Own Mortality

Sun Blood Stories, Haunt Yourself cover (cropped)

“Up Comes the Tunnel” drifts in softly with tonal guitar swells, understated bass and nearly whispered vocals before Sun Blood Stories brings in the fire a little over a minute in. What starts as introspective quickly evolves into an urgent tale of impending doom. Dramatic, rapid swirls of synth coil around seething guitar work and plaintive, beckoning wails of warning. Listening, it’s like a whimsical dream in a mysterious land that turns into a nightmare in which you see your own death and doom rushing toward you. Like the tunnel in the title of the song you are in a car hurtling toward a passage into the next life whether metaphorical or literal. It’s a song that reminds us that no matter how much we’ve planned or thought through we can’t escape the fate of all living creates and it all too often comes before you or anyone you know is read and too soon. Dire stuff but the song has a life affirming quality that lifts it out of that personal darkness and musically Sun Blood Stories, who have always more than a few steps removed from the wave of psychedelic rock of the past decade and a half, have pushed themselves into realms of songwriting and soundscaping that avoid tropes of the genre. Look out for the new record Haunt Yourself on September 20, 2019. Listen to “Up Comes the Tunnel” on Soundcloud and connect with Boise, Idaho’s Sun Blood Stories at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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