Skinjobs Explores the Fine Line Between Desire and Personal Boundaries on the Darkwave-Esque “Soothsayer”

Skinjobs, photo courtesy the artists

“Soothsayer” by Skinjobs from Helsinki, Finland immediately draws you into its story of struggling with the drives of ones desires and one’s personal boundaries. The music, like so much of the more experimental rock out of Finland, is eclectic in a way that doesn’t feel forced. There is no stylistic or genre straightjacket to which the band seems to adhere to as a guide for how it’s supposed to sound and that’s gives the song a freshness and different quality than might seem immediately obvious. Skinjobs seems to orchestrate guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals in a way that suggests a classical music foundation manifesting in a much more free form songwriting style. Its sweeping pace and tightly dynamic and dramatic structure has an emotional urgency that carries you along from its introspective beginnings to the heights of feeling later in the song. Skinjobs takes us to places of intense emotions and gives us breaks from the action in the song but without losing momentum. It’s difficult to compare this song to anyone else except to maybe reference 4AD bands like early Dead Can Dance or Xmal Deutschland but without truly sounding like either. Just that dusky sensibility with a bit of an edge and seeming to not be coming from modern musical reference points. Listen to “Soothsayer” on Soundcloud and follow Skinjobs at the links below.

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