T-Shirt Dream Party Reconciles the Melancholic and the Exuberant, the Resigned and the Triumphant on “Bookends (Sunrise)”

T-Shirt Dream Party, image courtesy the artists

T-shirt Dream Party introduces its song “Bookends (Sunrise)” with ghostly, introspective vocals before the pace picks up and the song’s atmospherics seem to collide together before dissolving into the ether from before. The synth accents in the song give it a paradoxically melancholic frisson the likes of which you might hear in a The Twilight Sad song. The falsetto vocals and the sweeping musical passages are both bracing and thrilling even as the song sets you down for a moment of reflection and tranquility before carrying you off into a moment of scintillating sound just before the melodic fadeout and to some extent thus the title of the song. Listen to “Bookends (Sunrise)” below and follow T-Shirt Dream Party at the links provided.


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