Fragile Gods’ “Days Without End” is Like a Night Time Stroll to the City’s Still Secret Places

Fragile Gods, photo courtesy the artist

Fragile Gods are rooted in 80s experimental electronic and post-punk bands like Cabaret Voltaire (think the more pop-oriented The Crackdown and The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord period) and Nitzer Ebb. But its new single “Days Without End” strikes some vocal tonality reminiscent of David Bowie of the same era and a bit of Andrew Eldritch in his less angsty moments. Frederick Frantz and Aika Zabala compliment each other perfectly in creating that kind of lost public access video quality with the swarming-flowing synth track and stark atmospherics and the retro vocal processing throughout. But it doesn’t sound like retro-fetishism either. It’s a well-crafted song in which you can get lost in its foggy, introspective moods and vocal and melodic synth line interplay. The song doesn’t get stuck in a dynamic rut and evolves in interesting directions like you’re being lead through a night time urban landscape in the pre-dawn dark to one of the only remaining underground clubs where the music isn’t dictated or shaped by an algorithm and where you can be around like-minded connoisseurs of authentic underground culture. Listen to “Days Without End” on Soundcloud and follow Fragile Gods on their website or listen on Spotify where you can check out the rest of the band’s output including its EPs Cold Comfort and The Future Never Came.

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