“Eyze” is Stray Fossa’s Song About Staying the Course Creatively Even When the Spark of Inspiration is But a Memory

Stray Fossa, photo courtesy the artists

“Eyze,” the new single from Stray Fossa takes us along for a journey into the vagaries, the ups and downs of inspiration. Its breezy pace suits the way the way creativity can manifest in our imagination as a fleeting sprite of energy that we can follow to vistas fruitful for our work but which can flutter out of our grasp. But the song doesn’t feel like it comes from a place of frustration but rather acceptance of the ebbs and flows of that energy and the importance of channeling it into concrete work that can spark its own momentum when we’re falling short of the elusive quality of inspiration. As anyone that is involved in creative projects can tell you it is what you’re doing when inspiration isn’t directly there that makes for some of the most inspired and enduring creations because you have to draw on the memory of inspiration to drive them to completion. Fans of Beach Fossils will appreciate the song’s fluid guitar atmospherics and melodic bass counter melody. Listen to “Eyze” on YouTube and follow Stray Fossa at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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