“White Walls” by August Ten is an Understated and Elegant Breakup Song that Will Drift Into Your Psyche

August Ten, EP cover

August Ten uses layers of atmospherics in composing “White Walls,” the lead single off its second EP. Floating over the soothing procession of sounds are nearly ghostly vocals for an effect like a kind of dream pop and downtempo side of Legendary Pink Dots. There’s something enigmatic to this song about a breakup reflected on in the rear view with a rare personal insight into how that past relationship and breakup echoes into the narrator’s psyche now. The line “I can only sleep when I’m alone” is simple enough but speaks volumes of the emotional aftermath. This is not a song screaming in anguish, anger or bitterness, rather it’s poignant because it acknowledges the hurt long after and not having that all figured out. Subdued keys, light percussion with brushed snare, a progressive yet spare guitar line climbing elegantly up a melodic trajectory all make for a listening experience that is unobtrusive yet impactful. Listen below on YouTube and follow August Ten at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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