Theo Bard’s “Forget” is a Disaffected Song About a Love Lost

Theo Bard, “Forget” cover (cropped)

Theo Bard used ice and snow to make the textural sounds heard on “Forget” instead of the usual percussion. At first it sounds like white noise but it has a little too much physicality and it’s a nice, subtle contrast with the staccato melody struck by the synth and the wash of droning sounds in the background. Bard sounds like he’s getting lost in the soundscape to soothe the pain of the realization that a relationship he wasn’t over has no chance of rekindling because the other party has obviously moved on to other people. The vocals express a wish to forget but the repetition as almost a mantra doesn’t necessarily manifest in the psyche. There isn’t anguish in the vocals, but a kind of disaffected, almost numb quality that people take on when they don’t want to believe something is true even though it’s before them and that the time to accept the truth was extended enough and the compartmentalizing of the pain to take in doses one can handle may be another process yet. Listen to “Forget” on Soundcloud and follow Theo Bard at the links provided.

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