Omer Gronich Dives Deep Into the Cycles of Life and Love on His Experimental Pop Gem “Azure”

Omer Gronich, image courtesy the artist

“Azure,” Omer Gronich’s latest single, fades in with a warble of atmospherics before his vocals come in, slightly processed to have an otherworldly feel like you might hear on an early Peter Gabriel solo song. The repeating, simple guitar figure evolves subtly, floating through the song as a companion to the background vocals. But then in the last roughly third of the song synth beeps poke through what was the dreamy fog of the earlier part of the song and like waking up from a weird, troubling dream in which one relives the cycle of a love beginning and ending as a symbol for larger patterns in our lives whether birth to death and all the experience in between or in specific realms like the natural cycles of a career or creative path and how they interconnect and inform each other. By diving deep into these themes, Gronich untangles them a bit and makes them more discernible by connecting them to sounds in a song that doesn’t have to be fully understood on a conscious, logical level. Listen to “Azure” on Spotify and follow Gronich on his website linked below. Also, look out for his forthcoming album The Art of Sinking.

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