Drug Hunt Blow the Lid Off the Foundations of Modern Conformity With “The Tower”

Drug Hunt, photo courtesy the artists

“The Tower” by Drug Hunt fools you a little with the warping grind of the opening stretch of music and when the vocals come in like they might in a Kyuss or Sleep song it evolves during the course of its nearly six and a half minutes into raga-inflected art rock passages circa the weirder ends of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, fiery yet fluid runs and majestic, crushing, dark blues. The title of the song is interesting given the lyrics outline a situation happening in the world today when the vested authority structure is crumbling in America and beyond and many people cling to what they know rather than embrace change and thinking for themselves outside their usual cultural and political affiliations. Of course in America this has been helped along by a figure whose policies boost and support the power of his own oligarchic class and the establishment generally but whose cognitive ability is so lacking he is destroying the foundations at the same time. The Tower in the Tarot is a card signifying both the destruction of the established power structures and authority, turning the existing order upside-down, it represents revolution and instant enlightenment and illumination in the eruption of the top of the tower. The card correlates to the astrological sign Sagittarius and thus a Bill Hicks connection that would suit the psychedelic sound here as well. The song itself escalates to that moment and brings the symbolic flame out to a satisfying denouement. Listen to “The Tower” on Soundcloud and follow Drug Hunt and their experimental and conceptual psychedelia at the links below.


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