Swedish Avant-Pop Songwriter Czita’s Debut Single “Pretty Eyes” is a Psychological Horror Short Film in Musical Form

Czita, photo courtesy the artist

Czita comments on standards of beauty and how we value other people tied to such considerations on her song “Pretty Eyes.” There is an unsettling but strangely alluring quality to the song as it sketches the ways people dissect the flaws of others and then decide what they find attractive and in the end discard the same people who can never, as real life humans, live up to the image, the fantasy, another person forms in their mind. The minimal bell tones and even more spare percussion, Czita’s darkly whimsical vocal delivery, the buzzy background melody and touches of synth give a spaciousness that feels like an emotional distancing connected to a paradoxical desire for the object of attraction. The song has a creepy edge but also otherworldly like a pop song for a Lucky McKee film. It’s Czita’s first single and promises a future of decidedly different, imaginative and boundary-pushing pop music. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Czita at any of the links below.


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