“Silver” by High Aura’d and Josh Mason is a Collection of the Ambient Interstices of Mid-90s Post-Hardcore Fury

High aura’d and Josh Mason, photo courtesy the artists

Inspired by the between times between songs at shows from old post-hardcore bands like Portraits of Past and Clikatat Ikatowi, “Silver,” a collaboration between High aura’d and Josh Mason is an ambient interpretation of a faded sonic photograph of a time and place, relatively short lived, when bands on labels like Ebullition and Gravity were making some of the most exciting and challenging music of the era. The processed textures and raw noise is a tribute to those between actual song interludes that those bands would issue forth while getting ready to hurl themselves into the fury of the next song. The track is like a compilation of memories of everything but the actual songs themselves and a reminder that post-hardcore wasn’t just the screaming, not just the angular guitar and jolts of electrifying musical fire, it was also the times when you got a break from the pure catharsis to enjoy a moment to perhaps reflect and take in the signficance of the experience between being caught up in it completely. These sounds assembled are an expression of the silver linings of the storm clouds of the shows of an era and milieu now largely forgotten but still so significant for the hidden history of American indie underground. It is a record of times you will never forget but of those moments that are often forgotten. Listen to the track on Soundcloud and watch its video at the Bandcamp link below where you can also purchase a vinyl of the piece.


Author: simianthinker

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