Drooligan Take the Piss Out of Magical Thinking on “The Weather”

Drooligan, photo courtesy the artists

Drooligan’s “The Weather” is a fairly upbeat, somewhat whimsical song considering its subject matter. The lyrics thoroughly and near completely send up every day wishful thinking and the superstitions backing them. It mocks the whole notion of prayers and hopes solving anything including stopping inclement weather. With the accompanying music video the band demonstrates how silly it all is even if certain forms of magical thinking are relatively harmless as a pathology that gets so many people to think their ego (as, dare we say, manifested as nonsense like The Secret/the “law of attraction” and positive visualization as more than a method to focus the mind in addition to the faith in a supreme being or the universe intervening directly on the behalf of any particular human) will have an actual direct impact on their lives. Even as Drooligan is taking the piss the playfulness of the video takes off some of the edge as, after all, social critics who take themselves too seriously end up like low rent Robespierre in the end. Watch the video below and follow Drooligan at the links provided.


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