Anna Wiebe Invites Us to be Present and In Tune With Our Environment on “I Felt It In The Wind

Anna Wiebe, photo courtesy the artist

With an admirable sonic economy, Anna Wiebe has in “I Felt It In The Wind” crafted a simple melody that almost works as a three part harmony but between her warm, unaffected vocals, spare rhythm guitar and synth shimmering in the background. She remarks upon how subtle signals give us a read on a situation if we’re willing to be tuned in and present. Switching between tonal inflections through the short song, Wiebe brings to the song a broader emotional and thematic element than is immediately obvious as though she is dropping those subtleties about which she sings to interpret and read between the lines of meaning and to invest oneself in the song’s delicate sounds and structure if only for its short duration. Wiebe’s album All I Do is Move is due out later in summer 2019 but until then give “I Felt It In The Wind” a listen below and check Wiebe’s Facebook page for more details on the album release and live performances.

Author: simianthinker

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