Mwahaha Returns With the Lush and Brooding Cyber Funk Anthem “Sundown”

Mwahaha, photo courtesy the artists

You’ll have to wait until September 6 to hear Lovers, the new album from Oakland quartet Mwahaha. But for now you can give a listen to its brooding yet progressively syncopated song “Sundown.” If Clark, Robert Alfons and LCD Soundsystem circa “Starry Eyes” wanted to make a track that would fit a science fiction noir soundtrack driven by the music itself. A story about in the classic mold of passion and betrayal, reconciliation and justice but with an ending that isn’t as neatly resolved as a cheesy mainstream movie. Something more like life where you have to continue on with the mundane tasks of life once the adventure and crisis has passed. That the record was started before former member Cyrus Tilton passed away from cancer in 2017 perhaps gives context for its heavy and somber tone. But that the band could come back to the material and imbue it with life and an inventive low end architecture is truly a tribute to the band’s lost comrade who worked on the music through his illness. Even without that context the track has enormous momentum carried across by all the performances and Ross Peacock’s relatively stripped down vocals. Very promising stuff from one of the most promising bands of recent years. Listen below and follow Mwahaha at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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