Tsägä’s “Tuuleen” is a Downtempo Krautrock Post-Punk Song Brimming With Melancholic Urgency

Tsägä, photo courtesy the artists

Tsägä’s “Tuuleen” builds with some unconventional percussion reminiscent of Can into a chill soundscape with expressive vocals floating into ethereal heights. The lyrics are in Finnish so if you don’t understand Finnish don’t worry. It is, after all just a relatively short song and not The Kalevala if you’re trying to figure out the actual lyrics. At any rate, plenty of us listened to Sigur Ros and had no clue what those songs were about especially when the claim was it was in “Hopelandish,” a made-up language. But the music was moving and Jónsi such a gifted vocalist he conveyed an emotional truth that could resonate with anyone. As with that band the tone of the singing here communicates the mood powerfully as well with a melancholic urgency. Musically it sounds like something that could have come out of Bristol in the 90s combined with the more organic Krautrock of the 1970s—manipulation of textural tones and all. If a post-punk band skipped three or four decades of obvious influence and took in not only what influenced the likes of Bauhaus and Joy Division but also 90s and 2000s downtempo, deep house and minimal synth it would sound as wonderfully unusual and haunting as “Tuuleen.” Listen below and follow the band from Vallila, Finland on their Facebook page.



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