Freedom Fry Attain a Psychedelic Zen State With a Simple Song About Their Dog on “Me and Bonnie”

Freedom Fry, photo courtesy the artists

“Me and Bonnie,” the latest single from the Rio Grande EP by Freedom Fry could be said to simply be an affectionate ode to the duo’s dog. Granted, their dog goes on all their tours and is a constant presence in their life. In the song Freedom Fry takes Bonnie for a walk as usual but this walk, as mundane and ritualistic as it can be, turns into something extraordinary and colorful as both band and Bonnie take in the world’s hidden features by paying closer attention to their surroundings while simultaneously allowing their imaginations to roam and getting into the hypnotic, and inherently gently trippy, aspect of the daily repetition and its endless variety if you’re not tuned out of your everyday world. And when you’re on tour a nowhere town or rest stop can be an adventure if you’re in the right frame of mind. Freedom Fry has a gift for taking simple elements and combining them in a manner that gives repetitive musical figures an expansive and entrancing quality. Check out the video below and follow Freedom Fry at any of the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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