Unwed Sailor Flexes Its Gift for Interlocking and Expressive Compound Rhythms on “Gone Jungle”

Unwed Sailor, photo courtesy the artists

Unwed Sailor’s new album Heavy Age came out in May 2019, its first since 2008. The veteran post-rock band lead by former Pedro the Lion bassist Johnathan Ford excels at a balanced dynamism between all the instrumentation. Too often post-rock bands are dominated by guitar but the main melody at least on the band’s new single “Gone Jungle” is carried and even driven by buoyant bass chords. Keyboard texture-tones shimmer sharply throughout and the percussion switches smoothly between a tribal beat and a more prog rock style compound time signature. That kind of structure to the song, with its interlocking streams of sound, allows for a wide range of expression and an adaptive rhythm. The song evolved effortlessly from great forward momentum to introspective passages where minimal guitar figures stand out by not being flashy. That the emphasis is on the rhythm is what separates this song from a lot of post-rock where the atmosphere and melody is dominant. That Unwed Sailor is a trio makes this an even more impressive feature of the songwriting. “Gone Jungle” was recorded after the Heavy Age sessions and points to an interesting direction for the band going forward. Listen below and follow Unwed Sailor at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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