“She…Breathes,” Pulseblink’s Collaboration With Maria Skaaren, Is a Lushly Emotional Meditation on Human Imperfection

Pulseblink, photo courtesy the artist

Maria Skaaren’s vocals brings a brightness and warmth to “She…Breathes” by Pulseblink. The latter is producer Tim Brookes’ project in which he composes the track and recruits collaborators from around the world including the aforementioned Norwegian singer. The song sounds like a particularly smoothly assembled and laid out set of evocative samples. The short bursts of white noise as percussion, brooding piano, arcs of synth, minimalist bell tones, bubbling electronic sounds and washes of sound give the song a textural and melodic aspect that combines the qualities of both while giving an informal depth of sonic field. It speaks to meticulous and thoughtful editing. There are through layers and sections that repeat but the overall effect is one that envelops you in a shared moment of emotional intimacy and a mutual compassion for human frailty. Listen below and explore Pulseblink’s catalog further at the links provided including his new Reveal EP.


Author: simianthinker

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