Since November Considers the Folly of Imagined Universal Expertise on “Airplane Astronaut”

Since November, still courtesy the artist (from the video for “Airplane Astronaut”)

“Airplane Astronaut” by Since November is in some ways the manner in which we elevate people in certain professions with a greater degree of generalized expertise than they necessarily deserve. In this case, an astronaut who wasn’t necessarily a Chuck Yeager type who was one of the greatest airplane pilots of all time (and didn’t become an astronaut but whose pioneering work in flight helped further progress toward space flight) or he was and that skill set isn’t built for piloting commercial aircraft. This astronaut figures sure why not Google how to do it and that’ll be good enough. But as you can see in the video he comes to accept his limitations and his true destiny as a traveler to the stars who doesn’t and doesn’t need to know everything. Set to beautifully melodic, ethereal pop music fitting the idea of fantasy and reconciliation with one’s actual abilities, “Airplane Astronaut” is the third single of Since November’s fascinating “space saga.” Musically more Peter Schilling than Bowie, Since November uses the language of pop music to comment on human folly in a thoughtful and kind way. Watch below and follow Since November’s musical navigations into the great beyond at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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