Ramz Takes You On His Fraught Journey to Success on “Don’t You Play With Me ft. LD”

Ramz, photo courtesy the artist

Ramz recently released his Blockbuster EP and the single “Don’t You Play With Me ft. LD” and its attendant video are a peek into a life of a corner of London that not a lot of people not from the city know about. And he does so with such vivid storytelling, teaming with Doom-esque, bemasked rapper LD, that you feel like you were with him on the journey to chase a dream of making music that impacts a wide audience with the challenges in your way and the temptations that can trip you up along the way. The diverse influences on the track make for an enriching listen threading together hip-hop/trap, club music and modern dancehall—influences one hears in weirdo post-punk band Sleaford Mods. Ramz embraces his roots and where he’s from as a place where respect and authenticity are the social currency valued and it shines through in every moment of the song. Watch/listen below and follow Ramz at the links provided.


Author: simianthinker

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